Here at Assetbytes we use both Windows and MacOS systems to do our development. We’ve worked with various SQL Clients over the years but settled on an old faithful the open source universal SQuirrel SQL client. This is a Java based client so it works the same on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms.

The one issue we had with using this client on MacOS was that code completion didn’t work on Macs after a default installation. We looked at all the settings in the client itself but nothing jumped out as far as turning on code completions. We turns out that functionality is provided by a plugin that is included in the standard install. We found the plugin in the installed package’s ‘plugins’ directory but turns out none of the plugins were being loaded on startup by default. This was due to the fact that default install on the Mac sets the plugin directory location to

<SQuirrel App Home>/Contents/MacOS/plugins

directory but the plugins are actually in the

<SQuirrel App Home>/Contents/Resources/Java/plugins

directory. So a quick and easy fix was to create a symbolic link to that location using the following command (from a terminal)

ln -s ../Resources/Java/plugins .

There’s probably other ways to fix this issue but this worked for us.

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